GMS Registrar News

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GMS Registrar Accredited as a Certification Body (CB) for the following Tracks:

ISO Track: Focusing in the following Business System Standards Accredited by International Accreditation Registrar (IAR)

  1. ISO 9001: 2015 for Quality Management System (QMS) and Project and Program Management System (PPMS)
  2. ISO 20001 for IT Service Management System (ITSM)
  3. ISO 27001 for Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  4. ISO 14000 for Environmental Management System EMS)
  5. ISO 18000 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)
  6. ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management System (FSMS)


GMS Registrar Announces Acceptance as a CMMI Institute Partner

CMMI Track: Focusing on Process Improvement Models under the Management Authority as CMMI Partner for three different Constellations:

  1. CMMI DEV addressing the Technical and Engineering Processes
  2. CMMI SVC addressing the Service Delivery Processes
  3. CMMI ACQ addressing the Acquisition Related Processes


GMS Authorized to Perform Security Assessments for Cloud Service Providers (CSP) Seeking FedRAMP Provisional Authorization

Fed RAMP Track: Focusing on FedRAMP 3PAO related Services for Cloud Service Providers (CSP):

 Fed RAMP 3PAO related Services include:

  1. System Security Plan (SSP)
  2. Security Assessment Plan (SAP)
  3. Security Assessment Report (SAR) generated out of the System Inspection and Testing Services
  4. Providing ATO Acquisition Services for CSPs from Government Agencies through GSA Accreditation Program under FISMA Regulations.



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